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  1. Advanced features of TalentLMS code editor

  2. Available password related settings

  3. Branch naming restrictions

  4. Can I integrate my site with TalentLMS? Do you offer an API?

  5. Course time limits & expired courses

  6. Custom Domains and SSL

  7. How can I change the account owner of the portal

  8. How can my users download their invoices

  9. How Marketplace works

  10. How paid plans work and what are their limits

  11. How question weights work

  12. How sorting works for Courses

  13. How to access Talentlms from RM Unify

  14. How to access the course's questions

  15. How to access your calendar from other applications

  16. How to achieve two-factor authentication

  17. How to add audio to test questions

  18. How to add custom fields to a user's profile

  19. How to add custom fields to courses

  20. How to add custom internal pages while keeping the Simple login page

  21. How to add files to a user's profile

  22. How to add files to Branch/Group members profile

  23. How to add Google Analytics to your TalentLMS training portal

  24. How to add Javascript to your theme

  25. How to add multi-day sessions

  26. How to add smart tags to content

  27. How to add tags to your test questions

  28. How to add the course score to the Notifications/Certifications

  29. How to add users to courses

  30. How to add your logo in a certification

  31. How to allow end-users to self-register

  32. How to allow end-users to sign up with their Linkedin, Facebook or Google Account

  33. How to allow users to share their Certifications to LinkedIn

  34. How to assign a set of courses to new users directly

  35. How to assign courses based on the score a learner gets on a course

  36. How to automatically assign courses to users upon registration

  37. How to build Custom Reports

  38. How to calculate monthly fees when Upgrading or Downgrading mid month

  39. How to change the expiration date of a course for specific users

  40. How to change the status of a user in a course

  41. How to change your Stripe account

  42. How to check which courses were copied from my domain to another one

  43. How to clone a branch within your portal

  44. How to compare the first vs last test execution

  45. How to configure SSO with a SAML 2.0 identity provider

  46. How to configure SSO with an LDAP identity provider

  47. How to configure SSO with Azure Active Directory

  48. How to configure SSO with Google Apps

  49. How to configure SSO with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (ADFS 2.0) Identity Provider

  50. How to configure SSO with Okta

  51. How to configure SSO with OneLogin

  52. How to configure user provisioning with the SCIM v2 API

  53. How to copy courses between portals

  54. How to create a Learning Library

  55. How to create a new unit by drag and drop

  56. How to create a randomized Test

  57. How to create an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) unit

  58. How to customize Badges

  59. How to customize the Gamification experience

  60. How to customize the homepage

  61. How to customize the points awarded per course

  62. How to delete your account

  63. How to disable copying question text

  64. How to discover the CSS element for a specific page object

  65. How to edit my Invoice information/recipient

  66. How to efficiently copy content from Word to TalentLMS editor

  67. How to embed Prezi, Vimeo or Wikipedia content

  68. How to enable course ranking

  69. How to enable the course summary page

  70. How to exclude Users from email notifications

  71. How to first start out in TalentLMS

  72. How to fix an invalid SCORM file

  73. How to generate TalentLMS API code snippets in most programming languages

  74. How to get reports / data / scores on individual questions in an activity that was generated in articulate storyline and exported as Scorm 1.2

  75. How to hide the right menu options from the Learner profile

  76. How to import historic data of courses completion

  77. How to import questions using GIFT/AIKEN format

  78. How to install the TalentLMS Android app outside the Google Play store

  79. How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with an external LRS

  80. How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar/GoToTraining

  81. How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with Slack

  82. How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with Wordpress

  83. How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with Zoom

  84. How to integrate Salesforce and TalentLMS

  85. How to integrate Shopify and TalentLMS

  86. How to integrate TalentLMS with Big Blue Button

  87. How to integrate TalentLMS with Inspectlet

  88. How to integrate TalentLMS with MailChimp, Zendesk, Uservoice, Salesforce, etc

  89. How to integrate TalentLMS with WooCommerce

  90. How to login as another user

  91. How to make the course catalog visible to non-registered users

  92. How to manually modify the gamification points of a user

  93. How to map a domain with TalentLMS

  94. How to mass add users

  95. How to mass grade your ILT sessions

  96. How to massively assign/remove a course to/from all Branches/Groups

  97. How to massively un-assign users from courses

  98. How to modify the CSS of your domain theme

  99. How to permanently delete a User/Course

  100. How to preserve audio and animation on Presentations

  101. How to prevent an end-user from sending messages to other end-users

  102. How to prevent copy/paste on "free text" questions

  103. How to prevent multiple logins from the same user

  104. How to prevent users from self-registering to courses

  105. How to print or export a Test

  106. How to publish a course created in Lectora in TalentLMS

  107. How to publish your Adobe Captivate project to TalentLMS

  108. How to replace words or phrases with your own

  109. How to reset a user's progress in a specific course

  110. How to reset a user's progress to all courses at once

  111. How to reset the Gamification statistics for a User

  112. How to reset the Gamification statistics for specific Groups/Branches

  113. How to reset your password

  114. How to restore a deleted User/Course

  115. How to restrict registration to specific domains

  116. How to secure my content

  117. How to see the Gamification Reports

  118. How to see the previous Assignment attempts

  119. How to see the time that a user spent on each unit

  120. How to select between landscape and portrait certifications

  121. How to set a prerequisite for a course

  122. How to set up a default User type per Branch

  123. How to set up a limit to the number of Branch users

  124. How to set up an Instant Course Completion Notification

  125. How to set up Automations

  126. How to set up completion rules

  127. How to set up Learning Paths

  128. How to set up the default course view

  129. How to Set Up Your CNAME with cPanel

  130. How to Set Up your CNAME with GoDaddy

  131. How to Set Up your CNAME with NameCheap

  132. How to setup Paypal payments for courses

  133. How to setup Stripe payments for courses

  134. How to share courses with end-users

  135. How to share files with users

  136. How to support Compliance training with TalentLMS

  137. How to switch to another Branch

  138. How to synchronize Badges with Mozilla's Backpack

  139. How to synchronize the Unit timer with the video

  140. How to turn a Learner to Instructor and vice versa

  141. How to update the issued certificates

  142. How to update your credit card information

  143. How to upload files from Dropbox to TalentLMS

  144. How to upload files from Google Drive to your courses

  145. How to use Branches for multi-purpose training

  146. How to use Discussions as Units Content

  147. How to use the TalentLMS and Zendesk chat integration

  148. How to view previous test attempts

  149. How to view the portal's infographic

  150. How to view the user's infographic

  151. How to work with Articulate Storyline content on an iPad

  152. How to work with Branches

  153. How to work with Certifications

  154. How to work with Coupons

  155. How to work with Discounts

  156. How to work with Discussions

  157. How to work with Groups

  158. How to work with linked units

  159. How to work with Notifications

  160. How to work with Subscription payments.

  161. How to work with the Extended Timeline

  162. How updating Units works while people have the related Course

  163. My course has a price but it still shows as Free on Catalog

  164. Release Notes April 2017

  165. Release Notes December 2016

  166. Release Notes June 2017

  167. Release Notes May 2016

  168. Release Notes September 2016

  169. Selecting a CSS to modify the default font on units

  170. Some details about our infrastructure & service architecture / topology

  171. TalentLMS support for 21 CFR Part 11

  172. TalentLMS user types guide

  173. TalentLMS-Shopify Integration with the Native app

  174. The payments through Paypal don't work as expected. What can be wrong

  175. Tracking User Progress in a Course

  176. Upload limits

  177. WCAG / WCAG-2 / WAI / Section 508 / ADA Compliance

  178. WCAG/WCAG-2/WAI/Section 508/ADA Compliance

  179. What a "Sample" Unit is and how to work with it

  180. What are the ideal dimensions of logos

  181. What browsers are supported

  182. What eLearning Protocols are supported

  183. What Gamification characteristics are supported

  184. What happens if I cancel my Subscription mid month

  185. What is the difference between Groups and Branches

  186. Where to get the Invoice for your Subscription payments

  187. Why can't I see reports for the questions under the units

  188. Why courses may have the indication "Try it for free"

  189. Why is the "Go to course" button missing from my courses

  190. Why is the "Sign up" option missing from my portal?

  191. Why users that have completed a course are not visible in the Reports

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