How to work with the Extended Timeline

Extended Timeline is a useful feature when searching for specific events, which can be further filtered to show results for a user, a course or a combination of both.

As an Administrator, click on the relevant button for the Timeline to show up (1) and then on the Extended Timeline (2).

You can also enter your Timeline from the Reports area (3)

By default, it shows you all the events of the last month but you can edit the fields and specify the date range, event, user and course. You can start a new search by clicking on "Reset filter" which appears as the "x" icon next to the fields (4).

When you bring the result you want to save to your final page, you can click on the export button (5) to download the file in CSV format. 

The limit of downloading information from the extended timeline, is currently up to 5000 rows. 

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