How to create a Learning Library

TalentLMS offers a functionality similar to a "Learning Library". Although we do not call it Learning Library, they essentially share many features. Additionally, it works across all content, without having to specifically add it to a Learning Library.

The mechanics are really simple; when you're in a course as an Instructor, you can re-use content you have created for other courses. Select "Add unit" (1) and locate the option "Clone from another course" (2).

Then select the course you want to copy from (3), the specific unit (4) and click Clone (5).

Note: You can view and copy content only from courses you own as an Instructor.

The cloned unit will be added to your content with the indication "Clone" next to the name. You can edit it and change the name.

All related objects within the copied unit (e.g. test or survey questions, files, TinCan objects) will be copied to the new course. To keep things simple, we clone everything so they can be re-used without having to worry about the original content.

As an example, you can create a survey at the end of a course to ask your learners about their learning experience. This survey can be copied to other courses with a few clicks. No reason to recreate the same survey for all courses.

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