How to generate TalentLMS API code snippets in most programming languages

We have prepared a collection of sample TalentLMS API calls in postman that you can use to familiarize yourself with our API but also to easily generate code snippets in different programming languages. 

To import the collection, open Postman, click on the Import button up to the left, select "Import from link", enter the below link in the field and finally click Import:

After you import the collection, you just need to edit the variables domain and apikey with your portal's details and you should be ready to go. 
In order to do so, from the top right menu click on TalentLMS (1) and select Manage Environments (2) from the dropdown.

Click on TalentLMS (3), add your domain name (4) and your API key (5) and click Update (6).

For each call, there is a button to generate code snippets (7) that you can use to code the API calls in different programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C, C# and many more.

You can find more details about our API here:

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