How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with an external LRS

TalentLMS, besides recording Tin Can statements and displaying them through the timeline feature, allows you to integrate with an external LRS, so that you can send all recorded statements there for your own convenience. Once “Push TinCan statements to external LRS” has been enabled for a TalentLMS domain, every statement received will immediately be sent to the specified LRS. Note that the statements are sent in their original form – that is without TalentLMS making any modifications on them.

To enable the feature, you just need to have an account at the LRS of your choice. Connect to your TalentLMS account, go to Account & Settings->Security section (1), enable the “Push TinCan statements to external LRS” option (2), and fill in the xAPI endpoint, key and secret (your LRS provider should provide them to you) (3):

Example using Scorm Cloud LRS

Log in to Click on “LRS” on the left menu, then add an “Activity Provider” (if you don’t already have one)

Choose one of the available Endpoints – “SCORM Cloud (sandbox)” for this example - and copy the URL to the corresponding field in your TalentLMS domain Account & Settings (as described previously in this article). Do the same with your Activity Provider Key & Secret.

Save your setting and you are ready to go! Any Tin Can statement recorded by your TalentLMS domain, is now sent to your SCORM Cloud LRS account. To view the statements in SCORM Cloud, just select “LRS” from the menu, go to the “LRS Viewer” section and select the endpoint you have previously chosen.


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