How to view the portal's infographic

Apart from the several types of reports that you can get through your portal, you have the option to view and export your training infographic.

In order to do so, login as an Administrator, go to the Reports (1) and click on the Infographic option (2).

The infographic shows some generic information on your portal usage (3), the training time along with a graph of the most active courses (4), the course completion and test pass rate (5).

Gamification reports are also included (6) as well as your library assets (7).

At the end you will find some information on the potential cost savings (8). 
Cost savings are calculated using the following algorithms:

Less commute hours = 0.5 * 0.5 * 1.3 eLearning hours = 0.325 eLearning hours

* Whenever we have commute we consider it takes 30 minutes (first 0.5)
* Only half of training requires commute (the rest is being done in office or in other ways that does not require commute) (second 0.5)
* eLearning in general condenses the traditional training. We consider one traditional learning hour to be equal to 1.3 eLearning hours
* eLearning hours=Total time spent by all learners in the system  

Training savings = 80*1.3 eLearning hours/20 + 10*1.3 eLearning hours = 18.2 eLearning hours

* We consider a fixed constant the cost for creating courses (we don't take that into account here).
* One trainer is needed for every 20 people. Each trainer costs $80 per training hour.
* Each learner is compensated with a small amount of money for each training hour they complete. ($10 in our equation)
* eLearning hours=Total time spent by all learners in the system  

Better skilled people = unique learners that completed at least one course

Note: These are potential savings and do not apply to all cases.

On the top of the Infographic you will find an option that allows you to compare the current status of your portal with the last week/month/year (9):

You can even export your infographic to a PNG file by clicking on the Export button on the top right (10).

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