TalentLMS-Shopify Integration with the Native app

TalentLMS offers a native application that allows you to integrate your portal with Shopify.

Assuming you have a Shopify account setup connecting it with TalentLMS is easy.
If you don't have one, you can register for an account here.

Begin by installing the TalentLMS App from Shopify’s marketplace.
Configure the newly installed app with your TalentLMS’ domain (1) and API key (2). (You can find the latter in TalentLMS’ “Account & Settings” page) 

You are now all set to begin selling TalentLMS courses through Shopify. For that, go to Products (3) and create a few Shopify products (4), one for each course you intend to sell. Since courses are “digital goods” and don’t require physical delivery, you should deselect “This product requires shipping” (5) at the bottom of each product page.

Move to Apps section (6), select theTalentLMS App and click to add your mappings (7). 
Map your newly created Shopify products (8) to your existing TalentLMS courses (9)

This way once a customer buys a course / product through Shopify he will automatically be enrolled to its associated course, and a login link will be delivered to him to access his courses.  

If you’re only planning on using Shopify to sell TalentLMS courses then we suggest you configure it to:

  • “Automatically capture payment for orders” (this will automatically accept your customers credit card and mark an order as paid). Under “Settings” (1), “Payments” (2) and “Payment Authorization” (3) you will find the relevant option (4).

  • “Automatically fulfill the order’s line items” (this will automatically fulfill/complete an order once it is paid). Under “Settings” (1), “Checkout” (2) and “Order processing” (3) click on the relevant option (4).

The above steps are optional but if enabled, learners will be given immediate access to their courses once they hit the buy button.

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