How to add custom fields to a user's profile

In order to add a custom field to the users profile go to the Account & settings and the Custom fields section (1) .

Click on the Custom user fields option (2) and Add a new field (3).

Give your field a name (4) and select its type from the dropdown list (5).
The available types are :
-Text: a text area will show up allowing you or the end users to enter text
- Dropdown: add the possible options separating them with ";" . A dropdown list will show up allowing you or the end users to select an option
- Checkbox: a checkbox will be added to the user profile that you or the end users will check or not
-Date:  a date field will show up allowing the user to select a specific date from the calendar

There are more options that you can select for each one of these fields (6) allowing you to make a field mandatory, visible to the reports and available only to the main domain or specific branches that you will select (7).

After saving your new field you are transferred to the Custom user fields list and you can use the Reorder button (8) to change their appearance order by dragging and dropping them. You can create unlimited custom user fields.

Note: The custom registration fields can be added to the certificate template.

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