How to add smart tags to content

Smart tags allow you to personalize your course content.
They can be used in content units as well as in the questions text, wherever the editor is available.

In order to add smart tags to your units, switch to the Instructor role and add a new or edit an existing unit.
Click on the relevant editor's icon (1) to see the available tags (2).

The available tags are:
- {name} -> User name
- {first_name} -> User First name
- {last_name} -> User Last name
- {date} -> Current date
- {course_progress} -> User progress on current course
- {course_start_date} -> When the user started the course
- {course_end_date} -> When the user finished the course or "-"
- {course_time} -> Time spent on current course by the user
- {course_name} -> The name of the course
- {system_time} ->Time spent on system by the user
- {completed_courses} -> Number of completed courses by the user
- {certifications} -> Total certifications that the user has
- {custom field name} -> The value of a custom field for the user

Click on the tags you want to add to your content and save (3).

After saving the changes you can see that these tags show each user's personal  information (4).

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