How to add multi-day sessions

Multi-day sessions

Multi-day sessions are a new way to define sessions for an ILT event. With multi-day sessions you can link sessions together to act as a single session. To create a multi-day session you should already have created at least one session to link with. All sessions that are part of a multi-day session are linked to the same session forming a multi-day group. Below (1), sessions “Day1”, “Day2”, and “Exams” form a multi-day session, by linking “Day2” and “Exams” sessions to the “Day1” session.  

To link sessions together click on the “Edit” button of a session and then click on the “Multi session” link at the bottom of the form. Two new options will become available (1): the list of the sessions available for linking, and the new name of the multi-day session. Select a session, type the multi session name and click on the Update session button to form a multi-day session.

Multi-day sessions are grouped together in the list view (2) . All sessions forming a multi-day session share the same group of registered users, a centralized multi-session name, capacity, and color. Certain limitations may apply, for example in capacity, if at least one of the linked sessions is of the webinar type using TalentLMS' integrated video-conference solution.

Multi-day sessions are presented to the learner as a group of sessions as you can see below (3).

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