How to replace words or phrases with your own

If you need to modify a word or a phrase on your TalentLMS portal, you can easily go to Account & Settings tab and add overrides by clicking on the little pencil icon (1) next to the Default language option.

Then, click to add an override (2).

Type the word you want to change in the Original text-box (3) exactly as previously shown. In the Overridden text-box, enter your new word or phrase (4.) To save this option, click Add override (5).

Your new word or phrase is now successfully updated and will be replaced anywhere on your portal (6). You can always modify this as needed.

1. You can add different overrides per language.
2. This feature is case-sensitive.
3. Some words/phrases may not change in some cases. These are mostly words/phrases that are being added dynamically.

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