How to create a randomized test

TalentLMS lets you create randomized tests that consist of questions drawn randomly from a pool of handpicked items.

Here's how to create such a test, in a few simple steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Instructor and go to a course page.

2. Click Add and, from the drop-down list, choose Test (1).

On the Add Test page, you can see a list with all the questions you have created as an instructor for this course (3).

Note: To see the questions you have created for all the courses you own click Show questions from all courses.

3. On the right-hand panel, in the Add question (2) section, click Randomized.

4. In the respective field, type a Question name (5).

5. On the question list, click Add (6) to add items to your randomized question pool.

6. Click Save (7) to create your new question.

7. On the Add Test page, your new question is automatically Added (8) to your test. If not, click Add.

8. Click the drop-down symbol on the Added button and choose the number of questions (9) to be drawn from the randomized question pool.

9. Click Save and view to add your test to the current course.

You did it!

Now you can create randomized tests to make the most of your question base.

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