How to create an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) unit

Instructor-Led training, or ILT, is one of the traditional training modes where the instructor generally leads the class in a classroom-type environment. This type of training may be held in a room, office, conference room or through a virtual location (video conference or better known as webinar).

From the course screen click on "Add" button and then select "Instructor-Led Training" (1) to create a new ILT event.

On the main ILT screen define the "Unit name" (1) and then click on a specific day on the calendar below to open the "add a new session" window (2). Alternatively, you can view current sessions and create new ones from the session's grid view by clicking on the respective button (3). Common session operations available from both calendar and grid views are edit, clone, delete and view session’s registered users.

Save the session and on the top-right you will see the "Users" (4) button where you can manage registered and unregister users by adding or removing them from a session.

You can follow the same actions when in grid view (3) as well. You add the unit name (1), add a session (2) and manage users (4).

Click on the "Add session" button to create a new session. Define the required fields: name, date and start time (1). Capacity is optional. Leave it blank for no restrictions. Select the instructor that will be in charge of this session and define the session type (2).

Sessions may be either of classroom-type or webinar-type. Classroom sessions are held in a physical place. You can write a few details about the physical location in the textbox on the right. Webinars, on the other hand, are held in a virtual location. Defining a session as a webinar gives you the option to take advantage of your video-conference tool, if you have integrated any, by checking the "Create a new webinar" checkbox (3). Creating an integrated video-conference webinar raises some limitation on Start time, Capacity, and Duration. Also have in mind that once an ILT session is defined as an integrated webinar, you cannot change its type, capacity and duration and you cannot clone it. The "Join webinar" link will be available to the instructor in charge of the session and all registered users from the course view page, the conferences page, and the calendar page.

Alternatively you may leave this check box unchecked and use your video-conferencing service of choice.

Define duration and description and click on the "Add session" button to save the session (4).

See below the info pop-up that appears when clicking on a session in the calendar view for classroom-type (1) and webinar-type (2) sessions. The same pop-up is available to the learners on the calendar page, where the actions buttons (edit, users, clone) are replaced with the export button.


       On the course view page, learners can view a list of available ILT sessions to register. Availability is primarily defined by time and capacity. Past as well as full sessions are not available for registering.

The learner then selects a session by clicking on the "Register" button. The selected session becomes part of their calendar. Users are free to register or unregister from available sessions.

When the time comes and based on the session type (classroom or webinar) user should attend the session by either joining the classroom or by clicking on the "Join webinar" link in case the session takes advantage of the TalentLMS' integrated video-conferencing service.

The ILT unit is considered completed when the instructor changes learner’s status from "pending" to "passed" or "not passed" and optionally by defining a grade.

Once a user has been registered to a past session, and/or has completed the ILT unit he/she cannot unregister from that session.


Course instructors can manage ILT event's users from the "Users" page. On the first tab "Session user", you can view the registered users of the session selected (1). You can also set the status and grade of each user, notify them through email and remove them from the session (2).

On the second tab "All users" you can view all course’s users regardless of whether they have registered or not to a session. You can select a different session on the Session select box (1) of a user to move the user to another session, or select "Remove from session".



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