How to publish your Adobe Captivate project to TalentLMS

In this article you will find the proposed settings for your Adobe Captivate projects in TalentLMS:
1)      From the menu select Quiz, then Quiz Preferences.

2)      In the Quiz Reporting Section, make sure the Quiz button is selected for Enable reporting for this project.
3)      Select Other Standard LMS for the LMS
4)      Select SCORM 1.2 for the Standard
5)      Select Incomplete -> Passed/Failed for the Status Representation
6)      Select Quiz is Passed under Slide Views and/or quiz
7)      Select Percentage or Points based on your preference for Data to Report
8)      Select the check box for Interaction Data
9)      Select the Advanced button.
10)   In the Advanced Screen, make sure that the only box that is selected is the Escape Version and Session ID.   

11)   Select Zip Files
12)   Select Full Screen
13)   Select Force re-publish on all slides
14)   Select the Publish button.

Note: Check the “Scalable HTML” option if you want your content to resize itself according to the user’s viewable area.

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