How to customize the homepage

You can build a good-looking, mobile-friendly promotional website for your learning portal within TalentLMS, without coding, integrations and additional cost.

Here is what you get:
  • Easily build a branded homepage for your learning portal
  • Promote selected courses on the landing page
  • Extend with new pages as necessary
  • Customize what end-users see prior to logging in
How it works

Go to Basic settings and from the Homepage drop down list select the “Custom Homepage” option (1) in Then click on the edit icon to the right (2).

In the pop-up you will be able to view the list of menu entries of your homepage (3). There are two special pages, Home and Course catalog, that cannot be removed. The Course catalog page can be deactivated if needed.

Click on the top menu to add a simple page (4), consisting of text and image, or add a menu entry pointing to an external URL. You can reorder the menu entries by clicking on the Reorder button (5), or view how you homepage will look like, by clicking on the Preview button (6).

Click on the Homepage menu entry to view the home edit screen. Home is divided in two sections. The top one (7) consists of headline, a sub-headline and an artwork welcoming your visitors. Artwork must be at least 1170 px wide. You can upload an image with the option to crop it to the desirable dimensions.
In the bottom section (8) you can choose to show a list of up to 12 featured courses on your homepage. Choose which one to show by clicking on their title in the Featured courses field.

Click on any page from the list of menu entries or click on Add Page from the top menu (9) to view the page edit screen.

Page title is the menu entry title. You can define a headline and a sub-headline for your page as well as the URL path relative to your portal’s domain name (10).
Type the content of your page with the WYSIWYG editor (11) and optionally add an image (12). Images must be at least 500px wide.You can upload larger images and then crop them to desirable dimensions . If you choose to include an image, it will cover the right half of the page.
You can also set the possibility to display the pages to appear before or after the user Login, or even both (13).


You can create an Internal page for Frequently Asked Questions (1).

The user will be able to view the tab after he login on the topside of the toolbar (2).

You can add menu entries pointing to external websites by clicking on the Add URL button from the top menu (1). Page title is the menu entry title.

Bellow you can view how the custom homepage will look like (2):

Here is a video that will help you: 

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