How to publish a course created in Lectora in TalentLMS

To publish a course created in Lectora to TalentLMS, follow these simple steps

  1. In the Lectora Design ribbon, select Title Options, and select the AICC/SCORM/Tin Can for LMS/LRS option. 
  2. This will convert you title into an Assignable Unit (SCORM or Tin Can) compliant Sharable Content Object (SCO).
  3. Each Lectora SCO must contain a test, or a modification to the SCO completion variable in order to work properly.
  4. In addition, Lectora also requires an Exit/Close command to pass control back to the Learning Management System (LMS) once a SCO is complete.
  5. If two criteria above are not met, Lectora will signal errors when attempting to publish.
  6. To create a simple single page SCO, select Slide 1, or the slide title, add the action, OnShow>Modify Variable, Target=AICC_Lesson_Status, Type=Set Equal To, Value=completed
  7. Be sure to use the lowercase "completed" Then, Add another action, OnShow>Exit/Close Window. If this is a multi-page SCO, the above action and this Exit action will go on the last slide.
  8. Publish your Lectora course to SCORM version 1.2
  9. Then in TalentLMS, go to Courses>Your Course>Goto course>Add>SCORM | TinCan
  10. Provide a Unit Name, upload the Lectora SCORM package (zip file), select your height and width, and click Save and view.

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