How to use the TalentLMS and Zendesk chat integration

Here’s a short instructions guide on integrating TalentLMS with Zendesk chat:

Login to your TalentLMS account and go to your administrator’s panel (1)Once you’re there, click on “Themes” under Account & Settings section (2):

Next to the Css tab you will notice the Javascript tab (3). 

In a new tab open and click sign up or log in if you have already created an account there.

After registration, a popup window with javascript will appear. If you're logging in, you can find your code by going to settings - > widget (4)Copy the code (5) and come back to the tab with TalentLMS.  

Now you can paste
the javascript into the "Javascript" text area (6) and click update.

Your chat window should immediately appear in the right corner of your panel (7).

All set. You can start communicating with your learners through Zendesk chat integrated with TalentLMS.

Note: You can localize the chat to a specific branch by adding the javascript to the branch's theme but take care of two things:
-The theme of the branch should not be the same with your main site
-Log in from the branch url and not from he main site url to add the code to the theme

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