How to customize the Gamification experience

To help you build a unique gamification experience we offer a simple Gamification engine, accessible from Account & Settings > Gamification.

The Gamification engine allows the super administrator to select and parameterize the gamification characteristics according to his needs. For example, an owner may opt to use or not use Badges (1).
A super admin may also decide to incentivize users to login more often by boosting points-per-login (2).

There is also an option to turn-off Gamification altogether (3).

From the Gamification settings admins may also Reset the gamifications statistics (4). This is useful if you want to run repetitive competitions for small periods of time.

Also note the following:
  • You can customize your badges
  • Each branch can have its own set of badges, and each branch keeps its own Leaderboards based on its own users.
  • You can have Gamification turned on and at the same time have it de-activated for specific user-types. To this end, you can create a new user-type with deactivated the Gamification option on its setup (5).

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