How to get reports / data / scores on individual questions in an activity that was generated in articulate storyline and exported as Scorm 1.2

You can get this information from SCORM 1.2 content, as long as the content itself sends it to the LMS via SCORM interactions (Storyline supports this).

Please note that there are some limitations to the data that are reported, imposed by the SCORM protocol itself, such as:
  • The question's text is not displayed, only its number (eg, "Question 1" instead of "What is your favorite color"
  • The report only contains answers that where actually given by users, not all available answers. For example, if the question above has 3 options, "red", "green", "blue" and every user answers "red", then the report will not mention "blue" and "green"
  • In addition, please note that currently the report cannot be exported, only displayed on-screen.
If you want to try it yourself, you can import your SCORM 1.2 content, complete it using a "Learner" user and then, as an Administrator or Trainer, visit the Reports->SCORM reports (1) ->{Your package}->Analysis section (2).

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