How Marketplace works

The Marketplace gives you direct access to a pool of professionally built courses. As soon as you buy licenses for a paid course (or get a free course) it will be added as a regular course on your learning portal.

Buyer: How to get Courses from the Marketplace
  • You need a TalenLMS domain. You can create one for free at:
  • As Administrator, click on the “Marketplace” link next to "Add course" (1)(or select “Marketplace” from the “Goto” menu on the header) 

  • Now you are in the Marketplace. You can search among numerous quality courses from professional course providers.

  • Select a course you want. If it is free, you can simply click on "Get this course" button to add it to your domain. If it is a paid course, select the number of licenses you want (1), enter your credit card information (2) and pay for them (3).

  • The course now resides on your courses list. You can edit its description, change its avatar and add content. You cannot clone it though for security reasons.
  • If it is a paid course you will see a Licenses indication next to it. This is the number of times you can assign the course to Learners. There is no restrictions for Instructors.
  • A license is “Reserved” when you assign the course to a user but it is “Consumed” only when the user completes the course. If, for some reason, the learner abandons the course without completing it, you can reuse that license.

Seller: How to Submit a Course for Marketplace Addition

  • You need a TalentLMS domain. You can create one for free at:
  • Map a Stripe account with your account. Stripe is needed for handling payments. You can map a Stripe Account from Account & Settings -> eCommerce (1)->eCommerce processor (2). Stripe is needed at this time so please don't ask for ways around it. 

  • Create a regular course. Make sure it looks good! At a minimum you need its own description, avatar, extended content and completion conditions. Also, make sure you add a price to the course. This is the per license cost.
  • Submit the course for Marketplace approval. You can find the "Request inclusion to the Marketplace" button on the “course info” screen below the “Update course” button.
  • We will send you a confirmation when the course is accepted to the Marketplace (or contact you if it needs improvements). When your course is accepted it will be directly visible to all TalentLMS owners through the Marketplace link.
  • You act as the direct seller for all courses through your Stripe account. Whenever a payment is being made, Stripe will send you a confirmation email together with transaction specifics.
1. Any changes to the initial course after it is added to the marketplace do not interfere with the course in the Marketplace. If you have made significant changes you need to inform us that you want to update rather than create a course. In this case we will simply delete the original course and copy the new one without interfering with those that already have bought the original course.
2. Only users with Super admin permissions can submit a course for Marketplace approval. 

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