How to work with Groups

Groups can be used to link two or more courses together and assign them all at once to the Group members.
To create a group, do the following:

Log in as an Administrator and click on "Add Group" (1).

Type the group name (2) and a description for the group (3).

If you want users to self-register to the group you can create a Group Key or use the default group key displayed (4), which you send to users (copy the key and email it to them with instructions) in order to self-register.

Finally, you have the option to set a Price to the group (5), offering its courses as a bundle to the users. In this case, the group will show up under the Bundles section in the course catalog.

When you are done setting up the group options, click the Add group button.

After adding the group you will be taken to the Users tab to manually assign users to the group. You do this by clicking the + icon next to the users to whom you want to assign (6).
Note: If you decide to use the Group key for the users to self register to the group, you don't need to follow this step.

Move to the Courses tab to assign the courses that you want group members to have access to. You do this by clicking the + icon next to the courses which you want to assign (7).

After assigning courses to the group, you can switch back to the Users tab in order to assign the courses to the group member, either one by one, clicking on the Synchronization button, (8) or massively, by using the Mass actions (9).

Note: You can use the Mass actions to massively unassign the group members (10) from the group courses at a later stage.

Group key

In order for this to work, you must first make sure that the relevant permission is active for the learner User Type. On the Admin interface, click on User Types (1), edit the Learner-Type by clicking on the Edit pencil on the Learner-Type row (2).

Scroll down and under Permissions for the Learner make sure that Catalog and Group Key is ticked (3).

The learners can now use the group key to join the group. They do this by clicking the "Join Group" option on the right-hand sidebar (4).

Note: You can read this article on how you set a group as the system (or a branch) default group.

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