How to work with Branches

If your business has multiple departments and you want to manage their training as separated entities you can do so using Branches. The same applies if you have several customers and you want to offer a separate environment for each one of them. Among others, a Branch can have its own URL, language, theme, users & courses.

In order to create a Branch do the following:
  • Login as an Administrator.
  • Select the "Add branch" (1) option.

  • Enter the branch name and a description of the branch (2). While you entering a branch name, a Branch URL will be auto-generated. Users can access the branch directly through that URL. Note that there are some URL naming restrictions as you can read in this article.
  • If you want a different theme than the main site, you can choose a visual theme for the branch (3)
  • You can create a custom homepage for the branch (4). The procedure for creating a custom homepage is described in this articleNote that this option will be visible only while updating the branch and not during the creation process. 
  • If the branch has a different logo from the main company, you can upload the branch logo (5)
  • Select the language and time zone if different from the main site (6).  
  • Enter any internal or external announcements for this branch (7).  
  • Select the signup method for that branch. If you want to restrict access for users of this branch to only that specific branch then tick the Disallow... option (8). Whenever a user of that Branch tries to login to the portal through another Branch (or the main portal URL) an error message will appear.
  • Select a branch-specific payment processor if needed (9). You can also enable the Monthly Subscription feature for a specific branch (10).

Once the branch is added, your screen will display:
  • the Users tab where you select the users who are to do training through this branch (11).
  • the Courses tab where you select the courses that the users of this branch will see in their course catalog (12).
  • the Files tab where you select files that the users of the branch will have access to (13).
To select users or courses click the (+) add button next to the user, course, or file. Note that you can assign an administrator to the branch who will be able to see and manage the branch's reports, users and courses. In order to do this, just assign a user with the administrator role to the branch (14).


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