How to access Talentlms from RM Unify

TalentLMS is available through the RM Unify platform which allows schools to access online resources with a single RM Unify account. The whole login process is undertaken by the Single Sign On (SSO) services provided by TalentLMS which allows users to authenticate themselves against an external Identity Provider (such as RM Unify) rather than obtaining and using a separate username and password handled by TalentLMS. More details on Single Sign On can be found here.

RM Unify customers who wish to purchase the TalentLMS App should follow the usual process of RM Unify App purchasing. Then RM Unify will contact the TalentLMS team in order to prepare and setup the TalentLMS  domain for that customer. This process usually takes 1 business day, at the end of which the RM Unify customer will be informed about their ready and active domain. The next step is to login to their RM Unify account and click on the TalentLMS App.

One important issue is that TalentLMS requires a valid email for account related communication.  An invalid or undefined email address will not interfere the whole login process however, the user will lose important communication. In the case where an RM Unify user has not defined and email address, it is strongly advised to access his/her RM Unify profile and define a valid email. 

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