How to work with Notifications

The TalentLMS Notifications are automated emails that notify your users, instructors and account owners of specific events.

Notifications can be:

  • Sent when an event occurs, as an update (e.g., to notify users their assignments have been graded), or before it occurs, as a reminder (e.g., to remind users of an upcoming ILT session).
  • Triggered by a specific condition (e.g., a user has been created X hours ago but hasn't signed in yet).

To create your first notification, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator, go to Home > Events engine and click Add notification.

2. Type a Name (1) for your notification in the respective field.

3. From the Event (2) drop-down list, choose the event that triggers it. Events can be related to users, courses, assignments, certifications, groups or branches:

  • On user create
  • On user signup
  • X hours after user signup
  • X hours after user signup and the user has not made a purchase
  • X hours after user creation and the user has not signed in
  • X hours since user last signed in
  • X hours since user first sign in and the user has not completed any course
  • On course assignment
  • On course self assignment
  • X hours after course acquisition
  • On course completion
  • X hours after course completion
  • On course failure
  • On course expiration
  • X hours before course expiration (only users that have failed or have not completed the course will receive this notification)
  • On certification acquisition
  • On certification expiration
  • X hours before certification expiration
  • On group assignment
  • On branch assignment
  • On assignment submission
  • On assignment grading
  • On ILT session create
  • On ILT session registration
  • X hours before an ILT session starts
  • On ILT grading
  • On user payment
  • On level X reached

4. From the Receiver (3) drop-down list, choose a recipient for your notification. It can be a user, an instructor or some type of administrator.

5. In the notification Body (4) text area, do as follows:

  • On the first line, type a subject for your notification email (e.g., You have completed a course), and press Enter to change lines.
  • Then, type your notification (e.g., Congratulations {related_user_first_name}! You recently completed the course "{course_name}").
  • Finally, add a footer with some basic notification info (e.g.,This email was sent from {site_url} at {time}).
Note: Use the smart tags below the Body text area (5) to pull the corresponding information (user email, username, course name, etc.) from your system. In your text, each tag appears in curly brackets (e.g., {course_name}). To each recipient, the notification is sent with the brackets replaced by their corresponding values (e.g., the name of the course they have completed).

6. If your selected event has a Filter (6) attached (e.g., On course expiration), use it to associate your notification to one or more specific TalentLMS elements (7) (i.e., Courses, Branches or Groups).

7. Click Create notification to save your settings.

You did it!

You're ready to create your own custom notifications based on one of the available trigger events.

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