How to work with Notifications

Notifications are used to notify your users, account owner or course instructors when specific events occur (or a certain time before or after an event occurs). The notifications are sent as emails to the recipient at the time the event is triggered.

To create a Notification, do the following:

Login as Administrator, move to the Events Engine section and click  to Add a Notification. 

Enter the name of Notification (1) and select the event that the notification relates to. These can be related to users, courses, assignments, certification, groups and branches and are pre-configured (2).

Select the receiver of the notification. This can be the user, account owner, course instructor or branch administrator according to the event that you selected (3).

Type the notification text you want the recipient to see. Start by typing the notifications subject in the first line and then add the body (4). You can use the tag buttons under the notification text area (5) to insert information from the TalentLMS of your users, courses etc. The tags entered are shown embedded in brackets such as {course_name}. Once the notification is activated by the event the tags will be replaced with the value of the tag, in this case the course name. 

If you choose an event that has a filter option attached such as “On Course Expiration”, you can use the filter (6) and select the course(s) (7) for which the notification will be sent  The filter option is available when you add a branch related notification, allowing you to select a specific branch(es).

You’ll see there’s already a list of notifications already pre-configured as part of the standard setup of TalentLMS. Feel free to add your own.

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