How sorting works for Courses

Courses are sorted alphabetically within their category.
If you have course codes assigned to your courses, the sorting will prioritize course codes over course names (1).


This is particularly useful if you are looking to sort all the course of a certain category, without having to name them similarly. For example, you can have two courses named “Algebra” and “Trigonometry” which would normally have many other courses between them (alphabetically sorted), if you assign course codes “MA101” “MA102” they will be sorted one after the other, as was intended.

If you want to use numbers to sort courses it is a good idea to add zeros before numbers to avoid having "10"  shown before "2". For example, instead of "1.Math course" you can use "01. Math course". Our suggestion is to use course-codes to sort courses though, as it is more natural and with less clutter for the end-user.

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