How to first start out in TalentLMS

Here’s an overview of where to get started and the resources available to get you started with TalentLMS:

1. If you’re reading this article then you’re already logged in, have found the Help menu and the Support Portal

2.  When you open the Help menu you will find a series of introductory videos to watch.  I suggest you watch these in the following order:
3.  Below the introductory videos you will find the TalentLMS manual which gives you an overview of the components of TalentLMS broken down into the 3 modes of Administrator, Instructor and Learner. You will find links to specific manual topics on the right hand sidebar. Have a read through the manual to familiarise yourself with all that TalentLMS provides.  

4.  Make sure you’re in Administrator mode

5.  Visit Account & Settings.  Enter the details about your business on the Basic Settings tab, your business domain on the Domain tab and make sure your level of subscription is correct on the Subscription tab. The other tabs can be reviewed for further refinement.

6. If you are creating a series of courses under a common topic such as Customer Service then create a course category for the series you are creating. You do this by clicking on Add a Category in the Categories option on the main menu.

7. As Administrator, setup your users by clicking on the Add User in the Users option on the main menu. If you are training your own staff then the users will be your staff. If training your customers then setup any customers who have paid for or are registered to participate in your course. Users can be added after the course has been setup and content has been added.

8. As Administrator, create your first course by clicking Add Course in the Courses option on the main menu.

9. Complete the course name and other details then click Save and Select Users.  If no users exist you can add users to courses later.

10. Change to Instructor mode and start adding content to your course.

11. Test the content you’ve created by changing to Learner mode and viewing the content for the course you’ve created by clicking on the course name. This will display the content as your users will see it.

12. Adjust the content as needed, complete the adding of users if that wasn’t done earlier and you’re ready to go.

13. Also watch these videos to further your knowledge

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