Course time limits & expired courses

If you set the Time Limit (1) on a course as Administrator, when creating or editing it, then all users of that course will have that specified time limit to complete the course. The period shall run from each user’s registration date to the specific course.
You have the option though to keep access open for the users who have completed the course (2). These users will still be able to access the course, even after its expiration.

When users view their list of courses it will show the date at which the course expires next to that course (1). As soon as the course expires for a user the user will see the Expired tag (2) next to its title. In case that you have enabled the option to retain access for users that have completed the course, they will still be able to access it after its expiration (3).


If at any stage you remove an expiry date from a course then any users that currently have that course then it will show as EXPIRED in their course list. Any additional users assigned to that course from that point forward will see the course without it showing EXPIRED. To remove the EXPIRED status for a user, simply remove (1) the user from the course as Administrator and then re-assign the user to that course again and it shows in the user’s course listing as active.

Finally, if you want to reset the time limit for a specific user, you can remove the course from the user and re-assign the course to him/her. Note that the user's progress is not reset. 

As a note, you can read below what happens if you change the time limit :

a. If for example, the time limit for a course is 1 day and there is a user in this course, with the limit still active (the day has not passed), and you change the limit to 2 days, then the expiration date for the user changes automatically and he has one more day to complete it. Keep always in mind that the expiration date = enrollment date + time limit

b. If the course had already expired for the user when you change the time limit, and with the new limit the expiration date is greater than the current date, then the users status in the courses changes automatically from expired to active, and he can access the course again. Of course the expiration date changes accordingly.

c. If the course is active for a user and with the new limit the expiration date is before the current date then the status changes from active to expired.

Note: When a course has a time limit and at the same time has a prerequisite course, the time limit will start counting when the prerequisite course has been completed, instead of when the user enrolls to that course. 

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