How to setup Stripe payments for courses

As a TalentLMS SuperAdmin, you will have to go through the following steps to enable Stripe payments:

Go to Account & Settings and navigate to the E-Commerce tab (1).
From the E-Commerce processor drop down list select Stripe (2).
Click on “Connect with Stripe” (3) and you will then be redirected to another screen, asking you to enter your existing Stripe credentials, or prompts you to create a new account to be linked with TalentLMS.

You can now set prices to your courses and begin receiving payments via Stripe. Stripe also comes with great capabilities such as extended reporting and issuing refunds, a user friendly tool that ensures easy transactions to simplify your needs.

The end users, when paying for a course, they have the ability to do so with their credit card directly. Using a secure and encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL) the website will forward their data to Stripe, and payments will process directly from within the portal. 

You can also set up a notification that will be sent either to the user that made the payment or to the account owner or Super admins of the portal. All you need to do is to go to Events Engine>Notifications and enable the "user payment" event (4).

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