How to work with Discussions

Discussions are a modern, forum-like communication tool for your learning portal. They are by default enabled for all users, with certain limitations:
  • Only Instructors can create new discussions.
  • Learners can reply in those discussions but cannot create new ones. 
  • Admins and the Super-Admin (creator of the website) have the right to create/view/reply to comments by default.
To start a discussion, follow the steps below:

Switch to Instructor mode and on the right panel, select "Discussions" (1) .

You will enter the discussions page, in which you can view already opened "discussion topics" and topics pending attention (2).
Now, you can either create a new discussion topic (3), or reply on posts in other topics that have already been created .

When posting a new topic you can specify its audience selecting from : everyone that logs in through the same URL (main url or branch url if the topic is posted through the branch), users of a specific course/group or yourself (4).

Modifying Permissions to allow Learners to initiate discussions:

  • Switch to Administrator mode (Top right corner, click on your name, change between the available roles)
  • Go to the Home page, and from there select the "User Types" tab
  • Next to "Learner-type" users, click on the pen to modify the permissions of Learners.
  • Under "Learner", expand the "Discussions" permissions (1) and make sure "Create" (2) is ticked, to allow Learners to create their own discussion topics
  • Save your settings

Now everyone can create and engage into conversations! 

Discussions per Branch

Branches have separate (Private to the branch) discussion forums by default due to the branch URL. Topics posted through the branch URL are only visible from the members of the branch that login through the branch URL
To have access to the "general" Discussions that are open to everyone, a user belonging to a certain branch will have to visit the LMS website through the main url, instead of the branch-specific URL, if allowed.

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