How to allow users to self-register

If you want your users to register themselves to your portal, you can let them sign up directly through TalentLMS or by using popular social media accounts.

Here's how to let users self-register in three steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator and go to Home > Account & Settings (1).

2. Go to the Users tab and, from the Signup (2) drop-down list, choose one of the available self-register methods:

  • Direct + Captcha
  • Direct + Email verification
  • Direct + Admin activation

3. Click Save to update your settings.

Once you've enabled a self-register method, a sign-up link is added to the log-in page.

TalentLMS also lets your users sign up through popular social-media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Linkedin, and Google). For more, see this article.

Well done!

Now you can provide users with the option to register by themselves.

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