How to customize the default system emails

Notifications are automated emails triggered by specific events or conditions. They can either be custom admin-created notifications (e.g., to remind users of an upcoming ILT session) or default system notifications (e.g., to help a user reset their password). Just like your custom emails, TalentLMS also lets you customize the system emails to match your company's tone and communication guidelines.

To customize a default system email, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator and go to Home > Events engine

2. Click the drop-down symbol next to Add Notification, and choose Customize system notifications (1).

You can see a list of all the default system emails in editable template form:
  • Forgot Username: When a user requests to remind them of their username.
  • Reset Password: When a user requests to reset their password.
  • Account Confirmation: When the specified user sign-up method is Direct + email verification.
  • Account Activation: When the specified user sign-up method is Direct + admin activation.
  • Export reports in Excel: When the specified users receive scheduled reports or large reports via email.
  • Import Data: When a user that exceeds the import limit (i.e., 250 lines) receives a list of their imported data. 
  • Reply on Discussion: When a user that follows a discussion is notified of a recently added reply.
3. Edit the emails according to your preferences and click Update notifications (2) to save your settings.
Note: Use the tags below each email to pull the corresponding information (i.e., related user login, site name, site url, etc.) from your system. In your text, each tag appears in curly brackets (e.g., {site_name}). To each recipient, the notification is sent with the brackets replaced by the corresponding values (e.g., the name of their site).
To restore the default system notification templates, just click the red Restore defaults (3) button.
Note: The Restore defaults action cannot be undone.

That's it!

You're ready to bring your own voice into your system notifications.

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