How to create content by capturing video or audio

To save you valuable time, TalentLMS lets you create new content by capturing video or audio without the use of a third-party application, just your browser and a webcam. 

To create captured video or audio content, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Instructor and go to the page of the course you want to update.

2. Click Add and from the drop-down list, choose Video or Audio:
  • For video units: In the Select a video section, click Use a video and, then, Record video.

  • For audio units: Click Record audio.

3. On the dialog box that pops up, click record to initiate the recording.

4. When you have the content you need, click stop, to stop the recording. Click play to review your recording before submitting it. 

Note: The minimum allowed duration of your recording is 5 seconds, and the maximum is 1 hour. If your recording lasts less than 5 seconds or more than 1 hour, it cannot be submitted.
5. Click Submit to save the recording in the course files.

6. Type a name for your unit and click Save and view to add it to the course content.
Note: Even if you don't save the video/audio unit that contains your recording, the file remains available in the course files for later use. 
Well done!

You're ready to record video or audio that's useful to your learners and add it to your courses in no time.


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