How to create custom Infographics

TalentLMS lets you create custom infographics to generate tailor-made visual reports on all types of portal activity.

To create your first infographic, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your account as Administrator and go to HomeReports.

2. Go to the Infographics (1) tab, click the more symbol and, from the drop-down list, choose Create new (2).

3. On the Create infographic dialog box, start by giving your infographic a Title (4).

4. Then, in the Reference (3) section, choose the source of the data that comprises your infographic among:

  • System: A report on your overall system activity.
  • Branch: A report on your selected branch activity.
  • Group: A report on your selected group activity.
5. From the Theme (5) drop-down list, choose one of the available color combinations for your visual report.

6. From the Artwork (6) drop-down list, choose one of the available illustration styles to decorate the header.

7. Click Create infographic (7) to proceed.

8. Click the edit (8) switch to start editing your new infographic.

By default, your new infographic contains a series of sections. You can either edit or delete a section by clicking the Edit section button or add a new section by clicking the Add section button at the footer of your infographic. You can also rearrange the sections on your template. Just click the reorder symbol on a section to drag and drop it in its new position.

Note: You can add up to 15 sections to your infographic.

9. Pick a section, and click Edit section to customize its content.

10. Check or uncheck Title to either display or hide the section title.

11. From the Type drop-down list, choose the content type of the section and check the data items to be displayed:

Note: You can display up to 5 data items in each section.
  • Overview: Users, Learners, Instructors, Administrators, Courses, Groups, Branches, Tests, Surveys, Assignments, Videos, Documents, SCORM, Tin Can, CMI5
  • Insights: Participation, Engagement, Progress, Completion Rate
  • Training time: Training time, Chart (Lines or Bars)
  • Logins: Today, Yesterday, Week, Month, Year
  • Course completions: Assignments, Completions, Not passed, In progress, Chart (Donut or Pie)
  • Tests: Attempts, Passed, Not passed, Average score, Chart (Donut or Pie)
  • Assignments: Passed, Not passed, Average score, Chart (Donut or Pie)
  • Gamification: Points, Badges, Level, Certifications, Leaderboard
  • Savings: Less commute hours, Training saving, Better skilled people, Environmental Impact
Note: For more on the TalentLMS infographic and how the Savings items are calculated, see this article.
12. From the Style drop-down list, choose one of the available color combinations for your section.

13. Click Update to save your settings.

15. When you're done, click the edit switch to turn the editing mode off and see your custom visual report with all the selected data.

To set your infographic as the system default, click the more symbol (9) and, from the drop-down list, choose Make default. From the same list, you can also CloneDelete or Export your infographic to an image file.

Note: The default system infographic is what your users see when they go to their infographics page. Branches also display the default system infographic, and it cannot be edited or replaced from the branch settings.

To see what a custom infographic looks like, check out the following illustrated report on user-progress data (i.e., Insights, Course Completion, Tests, Assignments):

You did it!

Now you can create custom infographic renderings of all your essential reports.

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