How to send Messages through your portal

TalentLMS lets you communicate with people across your portal quickly and efficiently through its native messaging platform.

Here's how:

1. Sign in to your TalentLMS account and point to Messages (1) on the top navigation bar.

2. On the drop-down list, click Send message (2).

3. Click the Recipients (3) field to choose who receives your message from the drop-down list.

Note: Your recipients can be:
  • All system administrators
  • All users
  • One or more specified users
  • All users associated with a group, course or branch
  • All the instructors of a course

4. Type a Subject (4) for your message.

5. In the Body (5) text area, type your message. If needed, you can also add images or attach external files (6) to your message.

6. Click Send message (7).

  • You can control which users a learner can message by removing the respective permissions from the Learner-type User type.
  • Except for users that have explicitly disabled email notifications on their profile, all users also receive an email copy of each message.
  • When a user replies to the sender via email, the rest of their correspondence is conducted via email outside the TalentLMS messaging system.

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