How to make sure that my Users have accepted the Terms and Conditions

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that companies commit to vigorous protection protocols for user data and promote a transparent and accessible atmosphere for the consumer.

Therefore, it is critical that all your users consent to your legal agreements and accept your Terms & Conditions explicitly.

To verify that they have, sign in to your portal as Administrator, go to the Reports page and start creating a Custom Report.

From the "Select users that" drop-down menu, choose to generate a report for all users that "Have accepted the terms of service" (1). Then, generate a report for users that "Have not accepted the terms of service" yet to help you take the necessary action.

For example, when you have a list of all users that have not yet accepted your Terms and Conditions, click on the "Mass actions" button (3). From the drop-down menu, either send them all a reminder, deactivate them or remove them from your system entirely (4).

Note: Custom reports are available in the Standard Plus and Basic Unlimited plans and above.  

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