How to enable a free trial subscription to your portal

Subscriptions allow your end-users access to all of your paid courses by paying a single monthly or annual fee, as opposed to purchasing individual courses. To motivate your end-users to become subscribers, you have the option offer them a free trial access to all your courses for one month.

To get the free trial, Users have to be members of your portal. As their access is granted to their account only, they cannot share the courses with other members.

To enable the free trial subscription for one month, you must first select Stripe as your default E-commerce processor (1), as described in the relevant article.

Then, click on "Subscription" and check the "Access to all paid course at a charge of $XX paid monthly" option (2). To offer the first month without charge, also check the "Free for the first month" option (3).

Keep in mind that you are still required to set individual prices for your courses. Otherwise, Users will be able to access them for free.

Every time a Learner selects a paid course, they are informed that they can have unlimited access to all paid courses for a monthly fee, starting with a free trial for the first month (4)

Important note: Currently, subscriptions can only be processed with the Stripe payment processor.  

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