How to record your ILT sessions/conferences on Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. With BigBlueButton you can use your video camera and microphone, upload & present PDF and MS Office documents, chat with other users, share your desktop with them and record your sessions.

To record your ILT sessions and conferences, you will need to integrate your portal with the BBB tool as described in this article.

When the settings are saved, switch to Instructor (1) mode and go to the "Conferences" page (2) or to a single ILT session's page.


Add a new conference session and check the "Enable recording" option (3) to be able to record it. In a recorded session, BigBlueButton saves the slides, chat, audio, desktop, whiteboard events and webcam footage for later processing.

Once the conference is completed, a small "camera" icon (4) appears next to it under the "Operations" column.

 When the conversion is completed, the recording session becomes available to watch in a new window (5)

ILT sessions:

Set your ILT session's "Type" as a "Webinar" (1) and check the "Create a new webinar" option (2). An "Enable recording" option (3) appears next to it automatically, to check if you want your session to be recorded. 

When the ILT session ends, you can find your saved recording at the "Conferences" page (see (4)). 

1. This feature is not available for the integrated BigBlueButton instance. You have to connect your own BigBlueButton server.
2. The recording sessions are stored on your servers. BBB keeps the sessions for 14 days and then removes them automatically.

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