How does TalentLMS support CMI5 content

CMI5 is a brand new e-learning specification for using the Experience API (xAPI/Tin Can API). It packs all the xAPI advantages as a communications protocol, adding stricter definitions of concepts that were described loosely by the xAPI specification, such as content packaging, structure, and launching.

As with SCORM and xAPI, importing CMI5 content into TalentLMS is a simple process. Just upload a zipped CMI5 package into a course, and you are ready to go. All xAPI statements sent by the content are recorded by the TalentLMS' LRS, trigger course completion or failure, and can be found through the Timeline feature.

To import CMI5 content, create a new course as an Instructor and start adding content. You can either drag and drop the file (1) or click on the "Add" button, pick the "CMI5" option (2) from the drop-down menu, and upload the CMI5 file. 

To track your users' progress on this type of content, go to the "Timeline" tab (3) at the "Reports" page, and search for Tincan [TC] events (4)

Note: To view the file, make sure that the Tincan API has been enabled from the "Account and Settings" page.

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