What kind of Micro-statistics are available

Micro-stats offer a quick view of important information that can prompt any necessary action. They are accessible from the Learners' dashboard and from the User / Course reports pages. To a Learner, micro-stats are a continuous and highly important insight into their training progress and individual achievements.

Learners can find the micro-stats bar at the top of their dashboard. There, they can see how many courses are in progress and how many they have completed, the total time they have spent on their courses, and the gamification points and badges they have acquired so far. 

By clicking on "Courses in progress", Learners can also change their dashboard view to only show the courses they have begun taking but have yet to complete.

By clicking on the "Points" tab, Learners can see their ranking among their peers on the "Points leaderboard".

If necessary, Learners can remove the micro-stats bar from their dashboard view by clicking on the "i" icon (1)

When viewing their micro-stats through the User reports page, Learners can also see how many courses they have not started taking yet. 

When Administrators or Instructors open a specific course report, they can see how many Learners are assigned to the course, how many have completed it and how many are still taking it. They can also see how many Instructors are assigned to that course as well as the total time all Learners have spent on it. There's even a progress overview graph that changes according to the information the User chooses to view. 

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