How to white label my portal

TalentLMS allows you to customize your portal's look, feel and functionality to reflect your brand's identity and provide your learners with a learning experience tailored to their needs. Here's how: 

Go to the "Account and Settings" page and:

1. Add your own logo and favicon.
2. Pick the colors of your portal to match your brand's (from the "Themes" tab).
3. Customize almost any element you need by using CSS or javascript (from the "Themes" tab).
4. Set your preferred language so that your portal's UI text matches your brand's distinctive voice.
5. Customize your homepage and add new pages or external URLs.

Use a custom domain name (from the "Domain" tab) to:

1. Replace the TalentLMS URL with your brand's
2. Send email notifications from your branded address

Keep everybody in the loop by:

1. Using custom notifications with messages tailored to your users.
2. Setting up an "internal" or "external" announcement (from the "Basic Settings" tab) to your portal's visitors.
3. Adding a live chat.

Customize your course content by:

1. Changing your course catalog's look and setting a custom image for each course.
2. Picking different fonts for text content units from the content editor.

Build custom sub-portals (Branches) for different clients, since:

1. A branch can operate independently and have its own URL, language, theme, users & courses.

Issue custom certificates by:

1. Designing your certificates' templates.

White label your TalentLMS app by:

1. Using your own logo, splash-screen, colors, and embedded domain.

Note: To customize your app, you need to pay a fee first. For more on that, please contact our support team directly through the Help section of your portal.

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