Release Notes February 2018

New Features

  • SCORM ON MOBILE: Both, iOS and Android apps now support SCORM content. Please note that any SCORM files that have been uploaded prior to January 5th, 2018 will need to be re-uploaded in order to be compatible on mobile.
  • SCORM: Good news for SCORM users! We now support a new quick delivery method for SCORM files over CDN. For the time being, it's available to selected customers only. To activate it on your account, you have to contact support. If you do, please note that users should have third-party cookies enabled in their browser (more info here) and the change will only affect new SCORM units.
  • PASSWORD PROTECTED TESTS: When creating a test you can set a password which users have to enter before initiating it. That can be done through the "Test-options" tab, as described in this article.
  • AUTOMATIONS, NOTIFICATIONS & REPORTS: New "Notifications" and "Automations" can be triggered when a user pays or reaches a certain gamification level. In "Reports", you can now create rules and add columns based on gamification characteristics (e.g., show users that have at least 100 points). 
  • MASS ACTIONS FOR USERS & COURSES: You can now perform mass actions on selected users and courses directly from the "Users" and "Courses" pages. Up to now, mass actions were only available through custom reports. 
  • BRANCHES: You can now add and customize your "Terms of Service" on a branch-level. That can be done in the "Users" section of the "Branch-settings" page.
  • API: A new API call with a search function to "get users by username" is now supported.
  • DEFAULT TEST SCREENS: A placeholder is now displayed on the default test screen when there are no questions added, to remind the instructor to add questions to a test.
  • COUPONS: You can now restrict the use of coupons to certain groups. That option is available only when the groups have a price attached.
  • API: 
  1. New 'permanently delete user' call is now added.
  2. The 'get timeline' call now shows a counter in grouped timeline entries.
  3. The 'edit user' call is extended to contain a user's deactivation date.
  • BRANCHES: From now on, Branch URL avatars are considered as public.
  • CUSTOM REPORTS: A new column has been added, that shows the time spent on a course in seconds.
  • THEMES: Improvements have been made to the "Modern" theme.
  • COURSE SUMMARY PAGE: In the "Course summary" page, the column width has been increased to contain the names of shared files.
  • UNITS: Prezi URLs in the "*" form are now supported in web content units.
  • TERMS OF SERVICE: An option is added below the "Terms of Service" field to "Enforce new Terms of Service to old users". It is enabled by default when you add your "Terms of Service" to a portal for the first time. Whenever you change them, you have to activate that option to force all returning users to accept the updated terms before proceeding.
  • IMPORT: When importing users, a new "Deactivation-date" field is now added allowing you to deactivate users on specific dates en masse. You can find more information in this article.

Bug Fixes
  • Bug fixed that caused file uploading to fail when filenames contain special characters; Chinese characters or characters with an accent (á).
  • Bug fixed related to course images that appear on branch catalogs.
  • Bug fixed related to the results that are returned when searching for SlideShare documents inside a document unit.
  • Bug fixed related to "Show statistics after completion" that did not filter by branch.
  • Bug fixed that generated a wrong iFrame code when a link from Prezi was pasted into an iFrame unit.
  • Bug fixed related to uploading files to S3 asynchronously.
  • Bug fixed that caused social options (Facebook, Twitter) to show on a shared course despite being disabled from the "Account & Settings" page. 
  • An improvement was made so that "Active Badges" are easily distinguished from "Inactive Badges".
  • Bug fixed related to editing ILT sessions or calendar events.
  • Bug fixed that enforced password change for users that log in via SSO.
  • Bug fixed related to the order of users inside a course in instructor view.
  • HTTPS on mapped domains.
  • Bug fixed that caused a user not to be automatically assigned to a course upon purchasing it via PayPal.
  • Bug fixed that caused the top bar not to hide when embedding a discussion.
  • Bug fixed that caused a redundant dot to appear inside a branch's reports section.
  • Bug fixed that caused unexpected behavior when using a web portal's shortcut on an iOS home screen.

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