How to deal with users that do not make any purchase

TalentLMS allows you to sell courses to learners that have already signed-up to your portal. To make such a purchase, a user has to go to the “Course Catalog” and simply select the course they want access to.
But what happens if a person signs up and uses the portal’s offered services without making any purchase? You end up having user-slots held by users that don't generate any profit for your business.

To avoid this, you have 2 options both by using the “Events Engine”:

1. Notification: Use the “X hours after user signup and the user has not made a purchase” event to be notified every-time a user falls in this rule. This allows you to keep track of users that don’t make purchases, so you can take action like, for example, manually deactivating them. This feature is available to all plans. 

2. Automation: Use the "Deactivate a user if Z hours have passed since signup and the user has not made a purchase" to automatically deactivate a user that falls in this rule. This feature is available from the Plus or the Basic Unlimited plan upwards.

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