How to add your Terms of Service to your portal

When a user logs in to the system for the first time, they are presented with the portal’s “Terms of Service”. To continue, they have to hit the “Accept” button (1).

To add your “Terms of Service” to your main domain, go to “Account & Settings” (2). Open the “Users” tab (3), click on the “Terms of Service” heading  (4) and add your text to the respective field. When you add your "Terms of Service" for the first time, the option to "enforce new Terms of Service to old users" is enabled by default. 

Each branch can have its own “Terms of Service”. To add them, go to “Branches”, select a branch and edit the respective field in the “Users” section (6).

If you do not need users to accept any particular “Terms of Service”, just leave the respective field empty.

In case that you want to update your “Terms of Service” and need to enforce returning users to accept them, just replace them and click on "Enforce new Terms of Service to old users" (7). This feature is available on a branch level too. Next time a user logs in they are asked to “Accept” the new “Terms of Service” to continue.

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