Which content types are supported in the Mobile app

TalentLMS offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users. The app is free to download through the Play store and the App store. The app is designed for learners and it supports the following types of content:
  • Simple text
  • HTML text 
  • Vimeo/YouTube (not available for offline use)
  • PDF 
  • Video
  • PPT 
  • Images 
  • H5P (through iFrame)
  • Units containing iframes with an external source (not available for offline use)
  • MS Office files (for Android users it is partially supported through Google docs viewer and only for online use)
  • Scorm (html5 based only)
  • Slideshare (not available for offline use) 
The content types that are not currently supported are:
  • Tincan content
  • Tests with non supported type of questions 
  • ILT units
  • Units containing an object or embedded elements
  • Units containing an iframe with an external source
  • Assignments

The mobile app supports tests which include only the following question types:

  • "Drag and Drop"
  • "Fill the gap"
  • "Multiple choices"
  • "Free-text"
  • "Ordering"
Tests that are not currently supported are:
  • Randomized tests
  • With enabled option "require learner snapshot to start the test"
  • With enabled option "require a password to start the test"
  • With a delay between attempts set
Offline functionality

Some of the content types can also be available when the users are Offline, meaning that they don't have access to the Internet. When they are back online, any progress made while being offline will be synched.
Tests and surveys are available while the users are offline. This means that in case a user does not have access to mobile data (3G, 4G, etc) or Wi-Fi, they will be able to complete a test or survey. Furthermore, they can access any uploaded video files but they cannot view videos from YouTube/Vimeo since this action requires an active internet connection. They can also access any uploaded audio, PDF files, HTML and simple text units.

In order to see the offline content, the user should:
  • Press the sync button on a course, and download the content.
  • Download a single unit, just by clicking on it.
Note 1: You are able to delete all or specific downloaded courses through the setting options.
Note 2: Non-compatible units (units that can not be viewed offline or the app does not support yet) will properly show on the unit list but the learner will not be able to open them. TalentLMS will display the following message: "The unit is not available".

Note 3: All SCORM content not explicitly designed to operate via a 3rd party server and not containing content hosted on 3rd party servers (e.g. YouTube / Vimeo) is also available offline".  


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