What are the notification options about ILT events

Notifications are used to notify your users, account owner or course instructors when specific events occur (or a certain time before or after an event occurs).

The options that you have to set up notifications regarding the ILT events in your portal are:
  • on ILT session create: the users are notified when a new session is created for a course that is assigned as members. They can easily find the session by adding tags for course name, ILT name and session name. 
  • on ILT session registration: the instructors can be notified when a user registered to a session of an ILT event. If Instructors have registered the learners to the session, using the same event you can notify the related user. 
  • X hours before an ILT session starts: a reminder can be sent to the users registered for an ILT session some hours before the session takes place.
  • on ILT grading: the users are notified when the instructor grades the ILT session to which they participated. 
Enter the name of Notification (1) and select the ILT event that the notification relates to (2)
Next, select the receiver of the notification. Depending on the event, this can be the related user, course instructor or course learners (3).

Type the notification text you want the recipient to see. Start by typing the notifications subject in the first line and then add the body (4). You can use the tag buttons under the notification text area (5) to insert information from the TalentLMS of your users, courses, ILT name etc. The tags entered are shown embedded in brackets such as {ilt_name}. Once the notification is activated by the event the tags will be replaced with the value of the tag, in this case, the ILT name.

You can use the filter (6) and select the course(s) (7) for which the notification will be sent.

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