How to work with Assignments

Assignment units allow the learners to type in some text or upload a file as an answer. These units should be manually graded by the course instructor.

In order to add an Assignment, log in as Instructor and enter the course that you want to add it to. 

Click to add an assignment (1) and give it a name.

Decide how it will be completed by selecting between these two options:
a. When instructor accepts the answer (2): in this case, the assignment unit won't be completed unless the instructor logs in to the course and grade the pending assignments. If you have enabled the serial rule in your course, the users won't be able to move forward unless the instructor sets the assignment unit as completed.
b. When uploading an answer (3): if you select this option, the assignment unit will be automatically set as completed (passed) as soon as the user uploads an answer. The instructor can then visit the submissions section and change the assignment status to Not passed (if the answer was wrong) or Pending (if the user should try again).

We need to add the description of the assignment (4) and save it. 

From the learner's view, we enter to the lesson and move to the assignment unit. The learners can see the description and answer either by uploading a file* (5) or by using the text box to type their answer (6). 

The learners will need to click to send the reply and they are able to modify their answer (7) until they get a reply from the instructor. 

In the case that the assignment unit is set to be completed when the instructor accepts the answer, the Instructor can see the pending assignments (8) through the right menu and which users and for which course uploaded an answer. 

Clicking to check the user's answer, find the grade button to give a grade (9)

You can also set the status as "passed", "not passed" and "pending" (10). Optionally, you can finish by adding some comments (11).

When a learner returns to the course and the assignment they can see their status-completed (12), since the instructor accepted the answer. 

In case the assignment is completed when a user uploads an answer, it won't appear on the right menu since the unit will be automatically set as passed. In this case, the instructor should enter the course, move to the assignment unit and visit the submissions section (13) to review the users' answer. 

*Note:  Accepted files are ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf (up to 200 MB), gif, jpg, jpeg, png (up to 10 MB), zip (up to 200 MB), mp4, webm, ogg, ogv, avi, mpeg, mpg, mov, wmv, 3pg, flv (up to 600 MB).

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