How to schedule the Reports and have them emailed to any email address

Apart from the several different types of reports that you can get through your portal online, you have the option to schedule a report and send it to custom recipients on a specific day every X week.

Log in as Administrator and move to the report that you need to schedule. Next, to the "export in excel" button open the drop-down option to schedule a report (1).

You can select to be sent every X weeks (2) on a specific date (3) and add the recipient(s) email addresses* (4)

If you want to add more than one recipient, separate emails with a space in between. (5)

Save the scheduled report and you will be able to see when the next run for the specific report will occur by clicking on the drop-down option next to the "export in excel" button (6)

If you open the scheduled report you can edit again the details or delete it (7)

Check this article on how to view and manage all scheduled reports. 

*Note: You can also add email addresses of users that are not a member of your portal. 

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