How can I handle offline Payments for my courses

There are several cases where the payments for the courses are made outside the portal. In order to be able to handle this kind of payments, TalentLMS offers the credits feature.

Using this feature, end- users are able to use their credits to "purchase" courses. The value of credits depends on your currency. For example, if you are using dollars, one credit is one dollar, if you are using euros, one credit is one euro, etc. 

In order to add credits to a user go to the Account & Settings and select the E-commerce tab (1) to find the "Credits" Option (2).

Add Credits:
Activate credits (3) and insert the number of credits you want to add (4)

You can specify that credits should be applied to: 
- All users: If you add 100 credits all users with active status will receive 100 credits that can use to "purchase" courses. Inactive users are not affected by this action. 
- Group: All groups created in the portal are visible on this list, and you will need to select on which group's members this action will be applied.
- Branch: All branches created in the portal are visible on this list, and you will need to select on which branch's members this action will be applied.
- Specific user: Enter at least 3 characters in the search field to bring up one user that will be credited.

Reset Credits:
If you want to reset credits you will need to keep Credits activated and select the relative option (5). Mark who should be affected (6) from this action and save to update the E-commerce settings (7)

Edit Credits for a specific user:
If you want to edit the credits of a specific user, you will need to go to the Users list, find the user and open his info page. An administrator is able to edit or remove the credits directly from there (8). Finish the action by clicking on the "update user" button (9).

Learner's view
When a learner moves to the Course Catalog to purchase a course he can select whether he will his credits (1) or proceed with the traditional payment method. After checkout (2) the learner will be assigned to the course.

A learner can follow how many credits are left in his account from his profile (3).

Note: The credits apply only to individual course payments and NOT to subscription payments.

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