How to start my subscription

TalentLMS offers the flexibility to create a free portal and upgrade to any paid plan you need at your own convenience. 
To start your subscription, go to the "Subscriptions" page from the "Account & Settings" menu (1).

Now, find the plan that best fits your needs and click on the "Select plan" (2) button.

You are immediately asked to enter your credit card details and purchase the selected plan.

By default, on the "Subscription" tab you see the Annual and Standard plans. To explore all options, switch to the Monthly pricing (3) and Unlimited plans (4) tabs. 
For the Annual plans, the price is calculated per month but billed once, annually. For example, if you select the Small Annual plan, you will pay once, the amount of $29x12= $348. 

Note: Payments via bank transfer are only available with Annual plans. If you are interested in paying via bank transfer, please contact the support team.

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