How to preserve audio and animation on Presentations

Talentlms offers a PPT-to-Video conversion utility that preserves animation and audio.

In order to use this functionality you need to do the following:

  • As instructor select the course you want.
  • Click on Add->Video (1).
  • Select the option "Select a presentation from your files" (2) and either upload a new PPT file (3) or use an existing video file. The PPT will be automatically be converted to video.

Note: it may take some time for the conversion to complete. You can save the unit though and come back later.

If for any reason, the internal functionality does not suit your needs, here are some additional options you may try:

  • You can use a tool like iSpring  to convert your PowerPoint presentation to Flash and then create Flash units inside TalentLMS.
  • You can save your PowerPoint 2010 presentation as a video and create Video units inside TalentLMS.

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